Cake Flavours

Have you been sampling a lot of different wedding cakes here lately? If you have you probably found that there are a lot of different ones that you did not know about.

Chocolate wedding cakes are usually a pretty big hit at a lot of weddings. Chocolate is a flavour that almost everyone loves to enjoy even if it is only occasionally, so you should have no problems with getting everyone to eat your cake. You may also want to choose an icing flavour that everyone is going to agree with.

Chocolate mud cake is usually the most popular choice when it come to having a “Tiffany cake” as mud cake compliments the ‘tiffany blue’, making it more appealing. .

Another type of wedding cakes that are very popular is vanilla flavoured cakes. There are a lot of people who use a vanilla cake for their reception not only because their guests love the flavour, but the looks and different designs that can be displayed on the cake stand out more.

If you want to please all of your guests you can always go with a cake that it half and half. The place you are thinking of ordering your cake from is used to making cakes this way so it will be no trouble to get them to do it.

Wedding cakes are the most important part of the reception. You should think carefully about which flavour of cake that you are going to have or you may run the risk of nobody eating much of your cake. There are other flavours of cake that are popular among guests, but chocolate and vanilla have always been the most popular.