Tiffany Cakes

The latest craze to hit the female market is having a “Tiffany cake”.  Either it be as your wedding cake, birthday cake or a cake for another occasion.

 Tiffany cake is inspired by the box, which is ‘Tiffany blue’ with a white silk ribbon and a bow on top, and is given by Tiffany & Co., the New York City jewelry company, which first originated from  popular film ‘Breakfast at tiffany’s’, starring Audrey Hepburn. 

 A Tiffany inspired event, would make either you big day, birthday or other meaningful event as elegant and beautiful as you can imagine. A Tiffany theme creates a sophisticated environment with the use of ‘Tiffany blue’ and with either a touch of crystals, white ribbon and shining stones.

 The perfect way to start the Tiffany theme is by having a ‘Tiffany Cake’. A Tiffany cake can be designed to reflect the style you want for the event

 We are here to help you choose from a large variety of Tiffany cakes and cupcakes designs. We have also provided information on the different flavours of cakes you may like aswell as ways to set up the cake area/ table and decorating ideas to complete the Tiffany theme.

                                      "Our promise to you is that we help you create the most beautiful ‘Tiffany cake’ you could imagine".