Tiffany Birthday Cakes

As tiffany’s are famous for packing their goods within a tiffany blue package it comes as no surprise that there is a demand for Tiffany blue cakes, tiffany blue cake boards as well as tiffany blue cake boxes.

The most popular trend to right now for the female teenage market is to have a ‘Tiffany cake’ for your 18th birthday. Having a Tiffany cake makes it easy to create a theme for the rest of the party as the cake is what sets the trend and colour scheme. 

A birthday cake for a girl is not just a 'cake', It's a way for her to flaunt and express her personal style. Whether it be by her design of the cake or the flavour of the cake. 

Many girls may deter from getting a 'tiffany cake' as they may assume it comes with a hefty price tag, this thoery is wrong. Having a 'tiffany cake' doesnt mean you will be paying hundreds of dollars, it depends on your selection for the design and flavour. You can select a detailed cake like some of the ones shown below or you can choose to have the basic 'typical tiffany cake' which is the blue box with ehite ribbon around it.

We have provided a selection of 'tiffany' birthday cakes that you can select to best suit you.