Tiffany Individual Cakes and Cupcakes

Cupcakes and individual cakes are becoming the lastest of trends in the female market. This trend has occured mainly within young girls, either it being cupcakes for their sweet 16th, 18th or 21st birthday or individual cakes for weddings.

Cupcakes and individual cakes is made to give everyone at the the event their own cupcake or individual cake.
The cupcakes and individual cakes are made to suit the theme of the event and are made in miniture versions of the top cake.

Tiffany themed events usually create their cupcakes with blue icing and a white bow on top, and have their individual cakes usually as a blue box with a white ribbon around it, representing the 'tiffany box'.

Another craze is having 'tiffany' inspired cupcakes at baby showers for boys. This compliments the atmosphere of the party beautifully as it incorporates the blue.

Their are some beautiful ideas provided for you to choose from below.